Our purpose

AI is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and build software. It has the potential to be the biggest platform shift since the iphone and mobile.

With mobile we learned the painful lesson of the Apple app-store, controlled by a single monopolistic company, stifling innovation and entrepreneurship.

AI, our new platform, needs it's own app-store. An unrestricted app-store built upon the open web and the OpenAPI specification.

We engineers currently have a slim chance of creating this app-store layer before some large corporation does it. We must seize this chance.

That's why we're building openpm.ai, an open source package-manager for OpenAPI files. AIs can use consume packages from openpm in a similar fashion to how ChatGPT plugins work. Ultimately, AIs can use openpm to discover and interact with the world via APIs.

Everything we release is under the MIT license. We will never charge a transaction fee for our services. We will never wield editorial control. We will only remove packages that are scams or illegal under US law. At any point you can choose to export all of our packages and run them on your own server.