There are currently two ways of integrating APIs into OpenAI's GPT: through chat functions, or through ChatGPT. Here are some resources on both approaches.

ChatGPT integration

To integrate an API into ChatGPT you are going to need: an ai-plugin.json file, an OpenAPI file, and a ChatGPT developer account.

  1. Read ChatGPT's official docs.
  2. See example OpenAPI files, and learn how to generate your own.
  3. Clone our Cloudflare worker to easily boot up your own AI plugin.

Function calling from GPT3 and GPT4

OpenAI have recently released a fine-tuned model and API specifically for exposing a set of functions for the LLM to call. This is a powerful way of mixing in AI into your existing app.

  1. Read OpenAI's official docs on function calling.
  2. We have created a framework called WorkGPT, which you can use to expose your APIs to GPT 3.5 and 4.